5 Examples of High-Quality SEO Friendly Content Creation

5 Examples of High-Quality SEO Friendly Content Creation

Search engine optimization and content go hand in hand. In general, if you post good content on your site, you will rank higher. There are also a lot of factors involved. However, it’s a great rule to follow when writing content for search engines. Having said that, here’s how to write SEO-friendly content.

Creating High-Quality Blog Content

“Content is king” is usually used to refer to the kind of insanely useful content that is published on blogs. (Not the type of content you’d see on a typical product or service page.)

The fact that you can boost your Google rankings by creating awesome content cannot be denied. HubSpot found that companies that produce content regularly receive 350% more traffic than companies that do not.

To be successful with search engine optimization in the modern age, your site needs to consistently publish amazing content. Anything less will simply not do. WordPress’ latest stats reveal that 70 million blog posts are published each month:

This is just WordPress. Other platforms such as Medium, Shopify, and others receive millions of posts daily. So what is the bottom line? It is imperative that your content in 2021 stands out (and ranked). Without that, it will get lost among the million posts that go out every day.

High-Quality Content Examples

The following 5 examples illustrate the kind of high-quality content that will work in 2021.

Complete Lists

Here you can compile a comprehensive list of tips, items, techniques, recipes, etc. These are helpful since you are curating items from a wide variety of sources. This means that instead of having to read one post containing 10 tips and another post containing 20 tips, your content gives people everything they need on a single page.

Step-By-Step Guides

The internet itself has been providing step-by-step instructions for years. However, they can still function extremely well. In other words, you want to be as detailed as possible in each step. In this way, your step-by-step guide will stand out from others available.

Content With Data

In their “Content Trends Report”, BuzzSumo examined 100 million posts. In their experience, sharing and linking to content is harder than ever. What’s the reason? With so much content being produced since 2015, it’s harder than ever to stand out.

Positively, researchers observed that “authoritative content and references still gain links.” In other words, content with data is still performing well for search engines. You can learn more about how to start producing original content in this article if you’re up for the challenge.

Complete Guides

Guides with complete content look similar to Lists with complete information. There is one big difference between a Complete Guide and a Complete list: you’re not necessarily listing a multitude of tips and examples. It is more like you are covering every angle possible on a particular subject.

The actionable strategies are still important. A single page should provide the reader with all the information they need about a topic. This is a great piece of content if you’re looking for a huge list of actionable techniques.

Visual Content

Visual Content is the last but not the least example of High-Quality SEO Friendly Content. An industry study found that infographics (a form of visual content) were effective in attracting links. Creating visual content isn’t limited to infographics. The resource includes videos, flow charts, screenshots, and more. There is even a combination of different types of visual content, like instructional graphics.

All the above-mentioned 5 examples of High-Quality SEO-friendly content should be incorporated while writing SEO-friendly content. If you find any difficulty in creating SEO- Friendly content then you may reach out to SEO SAVVY LAWYERS and we will bring magic to your content.

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