Top 4 Emerging SEO Trends in Digital Marketing World

Congratulations!!! if you have made it this far. I personally recommend that a newbie to digital marketing or SEO must keep it to the already mentioned SEO tricks. But if you’re ready to get more advanced, this blog is for you. In this blog, I will be discussing the top 4 emerging SEO trends in the Digital Marketing World. So, let’s begin.

Schema Markup

The first emerging SEO trend on our list is Schema Markup. Schema markup’s use and ranking on the first page of search results have no correlation, according to a recent study. Those who interpreted this result said: “Schema doesn’t work!”. You are going to be disappointed if you expect Schema markup to improve your organic rankings.

You should remember that SEO Schema can help you increase organic click-through rates. Despite the lack of ranking boosts, Schema can still help you generate bigger organic traffic.


Over the last few years, Google has increasingly focused on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness). There is one simple reason for this: Google wants its search results to be 100% reliable.

SEO experts are having a heated debate about E-A-T right now. However, for Google to consider your site a trusted authority in your industry, it must have a high E-A-T rating.

For instance, Wikipedia probably has the highest E-A-T ranking on the planet. Thousands of writers and editors contribute to the content (many of whom are experts in their field). In order to improve E-A-T, there is no such thing as a shortcut. Your site will have a hard time establishing E-A-T if you publish generic content by freelancers.

As long as you publish a high-quality piece of content written by respected professionals, your E-A-T will do fine. Additionally, like so many things in SEO, E-A-T is impacted by links. According to Google, PageRank plays a significant role in establishing E-A-T.

Voice Search SEO

Over the last few years, the number of people searching with their voices has increased dramatically. According to Google, nearly half of all adults use this feature daily. Moreover, this SEO trend is growing rapidly.

The most common question I receive when I discuss voice search is: “Why should we optimize for voice search?”. I don’t even get any visitors to my website, even if I’m #1 in Google Home.”

This is an excellent question. How do I respond?

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa, aren’t the only devices that can conduct voice searches. In fact, one out of five searches performed on mobile phones is voice searches, according to Search Engine Land. In other words, people are using their voices more and more instead of keyboards. It’s affecting mobile as well as desktop searches.

What’s the bottom line? In the world of SEO and digital marketing, voice search is one of the most important trends. Publishers will have to devise ways of creating and optimizing content that will cater to voice searches as more people start to use them.

Optimize YouTube Videos

As of recently, YouTube surpassed Facebook in terms of popularity. YouTube is not just a social media hub (like Twitter or Facebook) but is also the world’s most popular search engine. In other words, search engine optimization is essential for YouTube rankings.

In addition, Google is now including a greater amount of YouTube videos in its search results, according to Sistrix. Google’s search results have included YouTube videos for years. The size of their SERP real estate has grown rapidly in the last 18 months, especially above the fold. The presence on YouTube is, therefore, a must in 2021 for SEO.

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